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Sebastien Loeb Wins Rally of France, Ninth World Title

TUE, 9 OCT, 2012

Sebastien Loeb took victory in the Rally of France and with it an unprecedented ninth - and probably last - WRC title.

Sebastian Loeb Knighted In France

FRI, 29 MAY, 2009

WHILE BECOMING a knight in ye olden days often required either slaying a dragon, rescuing a princess or fighting in a questionable holy war, these...

Chris Atkinson Scores A Seat With Citroen For 2009 WRC

SAT, 27 DEC, 2008

Subaru’s recent decision to pull out of the World Rally Championship series in 2009 had left our very own Chris Atkinson without a drive.

Citroen Confirms Its Commitment To The WRC

THU, 18 DEC, 2008

The last couple of weeks have been memorable for motorsport fans, for all the wrong reasons.

Sebastian Loeb Claims Record Fifth WRC Title

TUE, 4 NOV, 2008

While he may not have won in Japan, Loeb did enough to secure a record fifth WRC driver's crown after crossing the line third overall.