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The Week That Was: MINI 5-Door, Jeep In 2015, HSV Range Revamped

MINI confirmed this week that its first-ever take on the traditional five-door hatch look, the 2015 Cooper 5-Door, will arrive in Australia on Nove...

Local Motors Rolls Out 3D-Printed Car

Could ‘3D printing’ be the future of motoring? Perhaps not, but the technology could easily be a major personalisation option for the n...

Local Motors Reveals Crowd-Sourced Sports Car Ahead Of Production

American outfit Local Motors - known at TMR for its specially-designed pizza delivery rig - has been crowd-sourcing the development ...

Domino’s Pizza To Crowdsource The ‘Ultimate Delivery Vehicle’

Domino’s Pizza is on a mission to deliver (without anchovies) the ‘Ultimate Delivery Vehicle’.

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