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Sydney Car Dealer Sentenced On Fraud And Larceny Charges

THU, 5 JUN, 2014

A Sydney used car dealer has been convicted of one count of fraud and six counts of larceny (‘theft’), receiving a two-year suspended p...

Volkswagen, Volvo Investing Heavily In Future Products

THU, 28 NOV, 2013

Volkswagen and Volvo have both got the bank books open, with the carmakers announcing sizeable investments in future development and production.

Jaguar Land Rover May Get £270m Loan, £500m More Sought From British Govt

MON, 6 APR, 2009

The folks in Detroit aren't the only ones in trouble, as Europe's car industry is also feeling the global economic pinch in a big way.

GM To Sell Hummer, Saab, Cut 25,000 Jobs

WED, 3 DEC, 2008

  GM has just outlined its plan for the immediate future to the US Congress in an effort to secure billions in US taxpayer-funded bridge loan...