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Victoria Budget: $24 Billion Investment For Transport, Registration Rises

WED, 7 MAY, 2014

A focus on road and rail infrastructure is one of the key measures for the 2014/15 Victoria state budget, which schedules funding for transport at ...

Google's Self-Driving Cars Upgraded, Taking To California Streets: Video

WED, 30 APR, 2014

Goggle has improved its autonomous cars to the point where the company says they’re safe to venture onto city streets.

Victoria Developing Technology To Warn Vehicles Of Nearby Level Crossings

TUE, 27 JUL, 2010

The Victorian Government has partnered with La Trobe University, motor industry group AutoCRC and the rail industry to develop new technolo...

Victorian Government To Reduce Level Crossing Speed Limits

WED, 24 JUN, 2009

REDUCED SPEED LIMITS will soon be introduced at level crossings on all Victorian sealed roads with 100km/h limits, as part of the State Government...