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Uber Gets The Green Light In Victoria - But There’s A $450 Million Catch

WED, 24 AUG, 2016

Ride sharing company Uber has finally been legalised in Victoria, however taxpayers and users of taxis, hire-cars and Uber passengers will fund a $...

NSW: Odometer Tampering Fines Double, New Motor Dealers Act

FRI, 26 SEP, 2014

Motor dealers in New South Wales caught tampering with odometer readings will soon face tougher penalties.

NSW Merges Outdated Motor Acts, New Powers For Fair Trading

FRI, 25 OCT, 2013

The New South Wales government will today introduce new laws into State Parliament, designed to combine two existing motor vehicle acts.

High Court Challenge Planned To Bring Down Speed Camera Empire

TUE, 16 JUL, 2013

A road-users interest group is planning a High Court challenge to the validity of speed cameras and radars in every Australian state and territory.

South Australian Govt To Ban P-Platers From V8s, Modified Cars

MON, 28 SEP, 2009

THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is proposing new legislation that will restrict P1 and P2 drivers under the age of 25 from driving a vehicle with ...