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Nissan Trademarks "SpecV" In USA, GT-R Halo Car Heading Stateside?

THU, 5 FEB, 2009

After trawling through the US Patent and Trademark Office's website for the inside scoop on what the world's automakers have got in store for our ...

Toyota Camry Hybrid Unveiled: 2008 Sydney Motor Show

THU, 9 OCT, 2008

Toyota has today unveiled its Hybrid Camry at the Australian International Motor Show, forming just one component of a very hybrid-focused stand f...

Pontiac G8 GXP Spotted In Australia

TUE, 5 AUG, 2008

While the US may be sharing some of our good fortune when it comes to V8-powered RWD vehicles, they're still patiently awaiting the arrival of the...

Holden VE Ute exports under threat

THU, 13 SEP, 2007

Could the strong Aussie dollar jeopardise GM Holden’s plans to export their new VE Ute? Bob Lutz, the GM global product development chief has, un...



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