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VACC Considers Luxury Car Tax a Ridiculous Shambles
VACC labels the Luxury Car Tax LCT a Ridiculous Shambles

The VACC has labelled the Rudd Labor Government’s proposed Luxury Car Tax (LCT) a ridiculous shambles and we cannot h...

Jun 25, 2008 (9 years ago)


Toyota Passes-On Luxury Car Tax Savings, Renews Calls For LCT To Be Abolished

MON, 4 JUL, 2016

Toyota Australia has passed on the savings from a higher Luxury Car Tax threshold, put in place from the beginning of the new financial year on Jul...

Federal Budget 2016/17 - Small Business And Infrastructure In Front

WED, 4 MAY, 2016

With a Federal election expected July 2, the Federal Government last night handed down its 2016/17 budget.

Federal Government: Small Business The Big Budget Winners

WED, 13 MAY, 2015

Small business operators in Australia are among the big winners from the 2015/16 Federal Budget handed down by Treasurer Joe Hockey last night.

Productivity Commission Report Calls For An End To Australian Car Industry

WED, 27 AUG, 2014

The Federal Government should not fund the Australian new-car manufacturing industry, once existing assistance schemes expire.

Toyota Calls For End To Luxury Car Tax, Reduces Prices

WED, 2 JUL, 2014

Toyota will again pass on savings from the newly increased Luxury Car Tax threshold as it calls once more for the “discriminatory” tax ...

The Week That Was: Holden’s Future Plans, Renault Clio GT, Vale Harry Firth

SUN, 4 MAY, 2014

Holden aimed to shore up its future in Australia this week, holding a media event which outlined a series of new (but familiar) models.

Luxury Car Tax: Australian Tax Office Closes ‘Loophole’, Discounts Targeted

SAT, 3 MAY, 2014

The Australian Tax Office’s new luxury car tax laws (LCTs) are now in force, following its successful bid to close a loophole in the con...

Audi and Toyota To Pass On Savings From Increased LCT Threshold

MON, 2 JUL, 2012

Both Audi and Toyota have announced this week that all savings from the increased Luxury Car Tax (LCT) threshold, effective from yesterday, will...

Lotus Continues To Absorb LCT Increase And Maintain 2008 Pricing

THU, 19 FEB, 2009

Buying that 'Plucky Brit' go-cart isn't going to cost you any more than it did back in the good ol' pre-meltdown days of 2008. Lotus Cars Australi...

Audi Selling Cars 'Luxury Car Tax'-Free

FRI, 17 OCT, 2008

It came to my attention last week that Audi has been working hard to turn the recent Luxury Car Tax (LCT) increase to their sales advantage.