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South Australia To Introduce Dangerous Driving Laws For Private Property

THU, 16 MAY, 2013

The South Australian Government has proposed a change to the wording of its dangerous driving laws to include actions on private property.

Government Moving To Mandate ESC In Commercial Vans And Utes

SAT, 4 MAY, 2013

The Federal Government has proposed an amendment to Australian Design Rules which would mandate tougher safety standards for light commercial ve...

GTI Name Does Not Belong to Volkswagen Says European Court

THU, 22 MAR, 2012

Over the years, the name GTI has been affixed to some of the greatest (and some of the worst) hot hatches ever made. The good ones include P...

Victorian State Govt Announces Tough New Road And Parking Laws

MON, 14 SEP, 2009

VICTORIAN ROADS MINISTER Tim Pallas has announced that new road rules will be introduced from November 9, including the banning of most mobile pho...

NSW RTA To Require Motorists To Seek Approval Before Raising Or Lowering Suspension

THU, 16 JUL, 2009

NSW MOTORISTS will need to seek engineering approval for any height-altering suspension modifications from August 1 onwards, under tough new rul...

Federal Government To Make Electronic Stability Control Mandatory From 2011

TUE, 23 JUN, 2009

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has followed Victoria's lead and decided to move ahead with plans to make electronic stability control (ESC) mandatory under...

Tasmanian Police To Crack Down On Disqualified Drivers, Unregistered Cars With Rego-Scanning Camera

THU, 7 MAY, 2009

Tasmania's police force has outlined plans to use new camera technology to put the squeeze on disqualified drivers and owners of unregistered cars...