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Nissan Heading Back To The Ring To Set New GT-R And GT-R SpecV Lap Times

WED, 11 MAR, 2009

In a recent interview with our friends at GTRBlog, Nissan's Chief Test Driver, Toshio Suzuki, revealed that Nissan will soon be returning to the N...

Corvette ZR-1 Sets New Nurburgring PB?

WED, 29 OCT, 2008

Reports are trickling in that Chevrolet's latest and greatest performance flagship, the Corvette ZR-1, has reset its own lap record on that most l...

Nurburgring: Lords of The Ring

TUE, 5 AUG, 2008

There's been a lot of talk of late, and growing competition between car companies, about who holds the fastest lap times around some extremely lon...

Aston Martin developing new Nurburgring Test Centre

THU, 14 FEB, 2008

Aston Martin, like many manufacturers of high-performance cars, spend a lot of time at the Nurburgring, continuously testing and honing their product.

Nissan R35 GT-R Spec-V speculation

TUE, 29 JAN, 2008

Well, we know, or at least we think we do, that Nissan will be renaming their hi-po version of the new R35 GT-R, the 'Spec-V' and not the 'V-Spec'...

Audi R8 prototype fires explained

WED, 28 NOV, 2007

Remember that spate of Audi R8 prototype fires earlier this year? Well the truth has finally been revealed and it seems that Audi were testing a L...

GM LS9 6.2-litre supercharged engine exposed

WED, 28 NOV, 2007

HSV fans should get ready to go a little weak at the knees with this report.

GT-R V-Spec is coming

THU, 25 OCT, 2007

With the dust still settling on its silver paintwork at the Tokyo Motor Show, the 2008 Nissan GT-R seems to have it all – or does it? A twin-tur...

Corvette Z06 - Fan bloody plastic

THU, 29 MAR, 2007

The latest Corvette Z06 has been out for a little while now so its not like it is new news but I thought an article was needed just to give the kno...

2007 AMG C63 European Press Release

MON, 26 FEB, 2007

2007 C63 AMG PRESS RELEASE In the German Touring Car Championships (DTM) the new AMG C-Class ensures exciting motor racing at the highest level, a...



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