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Maybach Landaulet priced for the super rich

TUE, 8 APR, 2008

The Maybach 62 Landaulet started as an unusual design study from a marque whose sales to the super-rich have been dwindling.

Maybach Landaulet goes into production

TUE, 22 JAN, 2008

Maybach showed us their Landaulet last year, a super luxury limousine that featured an open topped rear section inspired by limousines of days gon...

Mercedes-Benz achieves best sales year in the history of the marque

WED, 9 JAN, 2008

We all knew 2007 was a good year for the car industry.

Maybach Landaulet video

SAT, 24 NOV, 2007

Struggling ultra-luxury car-maker Maybach has only recently unveiled their Landaulet 62S design study.

Maybach Landaulet design study

SAT, 3 NOV, 2007

Not all has been rosy in the halls of Maybach HQ in recent times.