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Lada XRAY 2 And Vesta Concepts Unveiled In Moscow

Russia’s AutoVAZ Group has unveiled its Lada XRAY 2 and Vesta concepts this week at the Moscow Motor Show.

The Week That Was: BMW M3 And M4, Ford Focus, Skoda Superb

BMW’s new M3 and M4 performers are now available in Australia, powered by a twin-turbo 3.0 litre inline six-cylinder engine.

Lada Niva Gets Update For 37th Birthday

Remember the Lada Niva? Though it departed the Australian market in 1998, the rugged Soviet-era off-roader is still kicking around in Rus...

AvtoVaz Inspired By Kia's Style-Driven Success For Lada Revolution: Report

It's no secret that a good deal of Kia's success in recent years can be attributed to the sharp styling cues introduced by design boss P...

AvtoVAZ XRAY Concept Reveals New Face Of Lada

AvtoVAZ has unveiled the Lada XRAY concept at this week’s Moscow Motor Show, previewing a new family look for the Russian carmaker.

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