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Mazda Moving Away From Nagare Design Language, 'Thrusting Motion' Ahead

THU, 24 JUN, 2010

Mazda's chief of design in Europe has confirmed this week that the Japanese carmaker will soon move away from the 'Nagare' design la...

Pre-Production Mazda1 Caught Testing

THU, 26 MAR, 2009

UPDATE: On further investigation it appears the car in question isn't a Mazda1 at all.

Mazda Kiyora Concept Debuts At Paris

FRI, 3 OCT, 2008

Mazda's latest instalment in its long-running Nagare-inspired series of concept cars, the Kiyora, has made its public debut at the Paris Motor Sho...

Mazda Kiyora for 2008 Paris Show

THU, 4 SEP, 2008

Maybe it's because they've been passing around the red lollies in Mazda's design bunker that its latest styling exercise, the Kiyora, looks so 'of...



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