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Dubuc SLC To Debut At Montreal Auto Show With Tomahawk Kit Car: Video

WED, 18 DEC, 2013

A new Canadian carmaker called Dubuc Super Light Car (SLC) will make its global debut at the upcoming Montreal Auto Show.

Inventor Wins Award For In-Wheel Hybrid Retrofit Kit

TUE, 7 JUL, 2009

WANT A HYBRID but can't stand the shape of the Prius? Do the Civic and Camry hybrid not tickle your fancy either? You might just be interested in ...

MTM Tunes KTM X-Bow, Power/Weight Ratio Gets Ridiculous

FRI, 3 APR, 2009

When you've got a car that weighs slightly more than a pocketful of lint, you don't need big power to get it moving in a hurry. Try telling that t...



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