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Volvo KERS Project Promises Huge Fuel Savings, Big Power Boost: Video

FRI, 26 APR, 2013

Volvo has revealed details of a new Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that promises significant fuel savings and big power from small engine...

F1: Williams To Pursue KERS In 2010

WED, 23 SEP, 2009

WILLIAMS F1 IS SET to again come into conflict with the Formula One Teams’ Association after announcing it will use KERS (Kinetic Energy Recover...

Ferrari Confirms Hybrid Development, First Model Due In 2015

FRI, 6 MAR, 2009

Break out the patchouli folks, Ferrari's developing a hybrid. With Ferrari's president Luca di Montezemolo pledging the brand will cut its fleet e...

Red Bull Racing Animated Video Brings Us All Up To Speed For 2009 F1 Season

MON, 9 FEB, 2009

With 2009 set to deliver a raft of radical changes designed to make the Formula 1 series more competitive, more entertaining and more cost-effe...

Formula One To Undergo Cost-Cutting Changes For 2009 And 2010 Seasons

SAT, 13 DEC, 2008

In a bid to reduce the astronomical expenses involved in running a modern Formula One team, the FIA has released a list of changes to the rules an...