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Kia Details New Eight-Speed Automatic For Front-Wheel-Drives

Kia has developed its own new eight-speed automatic transmission for its range of front-wheel-drive models.

Kia Cadenza Update Officially Unveiled For Overseas Markets

Kia’s 2017 Cadenza large sedan is now out in the open, with the covers officially coming off the updated model for overseas markets.

Kia Cadenza - New Model Previewed For Korean Market

Kia has released a trio of teaser sketches for its next Cadenza large sedan, ahead of an official unveiling for overseas markets.

Kia Cadenza Updated For 2013

Kia's recent run of new models and makeovers continues this week with the large Cadenza sedan, gaining updated front and rear styling. ...

2010 Kia Cadenza Images And Video Released; Not Coming To Australia

LAST MONTH Kia unveiled the Cadenza, its new entry to the large luxury sedan segment and first revealed as the VG/KND-5 Concept earlier this year....

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Gallery2017 Kia Cadenza - Teasers

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