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Toyota Fuel Cell Buses On The Road From Next Year

Toyota has confirmed it will commence sales of fuel cell buses in Japan from early next year.

Honda Unveils 3D Printed Micro Car

A ‘thought bubble’ for those of you spending today wrestling with recalcitrant ink cartridges for your printer – Honda has unveil...

Nissan Completes Acquisition Of 34% Stake In Mitsubishi Motors

Following an official announcement from Nissan in May regarding an alliance between itself and Mitsubishi Motors, the newly combined Japanese autom...

Mazda MX-5 RF Production Begins In Japan

Production of the second Mazda MX-5 variant has begun in Japan, with the retractable hardtop MX-5 RF version rolling down the line at Mazda’s...

Mitsubishi Fuel Economy Scandal - Eight Models Temporarily Withdrawn From Sale In Japan

Mitsubishi has withdrawn no less than eight models from its line-up in Japan following the carmaker’s fuel economy scandal from earlier this ...

2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo Now Available In Japan

Nismo fans in Japan can now buy the 2017 Nissan GR-R Nismo, unveiled in May of this year.

Mazda Rotary RX Could Return In 2020 - Report

Mazda’s RX-7 and RX-8 successor could return before the end of the decade, according to reports from the Japanese press.  Holiday Aut...

2017 Toyota 86 TRACK REVIEW | Sharper, Faster, Funner… Better!

WHEN THE TOYOTA 86 LAUNCHED IN 2012 IT TOOK THE MARKET BY STORM: rear-wheel-drive, a slick coupe bodystyle, brilliant handling and an unmatche...

Subaru STI-Enhanced XV tS Emerges In Japan

Now available for order in Japan: the STI-developed Subaru XV tS.

Nissan Introduces ProPilot Autonomous Technology For Japanese Minivan

Nissan is set to introduce its first production vehicle featuring autonomous driving capabilities from August this year in Japan.

Suzuki Fuel Economy Foibles Claims Boardroom Scalps - Including 38-Year CEO

Suzuki’s declaration last month that it had manipulated fuel economy readings for some models has seen two board members resign and the remai...

Suzuki Admits To Incorrect Fuel Economy Testing Methods In Japan

Suzuki is the latest carmaker to come clean and admit its chosen methods for calculating official fuel economy readings have, in some instances, be...

Mitsubishi President And Vice President Announce Resignations Over Fuel Economy Scandal

The fallout from Mitsubishi’s admitted fuel consumption testing irregularities continues in Japan, with both the President and Vice President...

Rebuilding Mitsubishi's Reputation To Be "Biggest Challenge": Ghosn

As the dust settles on Nissan’s announcement that it will purchase a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi Motors, restoring the reputation of the t...

Mitsubishi Fuel Figure Saga May Affect More Models

Mitsubishi’s false fuel figure debacle may yet reach further into the carmaker’s past and model range.

OFFICIAL: Nissan Announces Plan To Take 34% Share In Mitsubishi

Speculation about a merger or acquisition between Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors reached fever-pitch earlier today, with speculation that Mitsubishi&...

Mitsubishi - False Fuel Consumption Claims Uncovered By Nissan

In explosive news from Mitsubishi Japan, the carmaker has admitted to deliberately rigging fuel consumption results for a number of its own models,...

Toyota And Honda Halt Production Following Japan Earthquakes

The twin earthquakes that rocked southern Japan on the weekend, one a 7.3-magnitude, have claimed their first automotive casualties.

Japan’s ‘$1 Chip’ Drives Nearly Half Of All Autonomous Cars - Sales Booming

The age of self-driving cars is drawing closer, and bringing a new age of technology along for the ride.

Car Dealers On Notice As Vehicle Import Restrictions To Be Lifted

In a move described as "a big win for consumers", the Federal Government has announced it will lift personal import restrictions on new a...

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NISSAN GT-R drifting in snow.

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