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Honda Odyssey Hybrid On Sale In Japan

Since its arrival in Australia in 2014, the current Honda Odyssey has notched up impressive sales, with one in every four people movers in the unde...

Honda Odyssey Hybrid Set For February Launch - Japan-Only For Now

Honda has announced that the newest variant in its Odyssey people-mover range will be launched next month, but Japan will be the only market to see...

Toyota And Nissan Taking No Chances With Expanded Takata Airbag Recall

Toyota has adopted a ‘take no chances’ approach to the ongoing Takata airbag saga by electing to dramatically alter the program.

Subaru BRZ STI Patent Filed In Japan

It’s the question that was posed pretty much the day after we learnt Toyota and Subaru were working together to build a new rear-wheel-drive ...

We Drive Honda’s New 1.0-litre Turbo VTEC

Honda’s engineers really, really love naturally-aspirated engines that rev their rings off, and they love their VTEC cleverness too.  ...

2016 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell – We Drive It

Honda’s big announcement at the Tokyo Motor Show last week was its new hydrogen-powered, zero-emission car, the Clarity Fuel Cell.  W...

Nissan Piloted Drive Autonomous Car Begins Testing On Public Roads

Nissan is preparing to hit the streets of Japan in its ‘Piloted Drive 1.0’ autonomous car project for the first time.

2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Preview Drive - Off Road In Japan

The Skinny: Even a short drive in the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport shows that this is a very different car to the ‘not greatly loved’ Ch...

Subaru Announces Japan-Only Limited Edition S207 WRX STI - Tokyo Motor Show

Announced as a Japan-only special edition, Subaru has used the Tokyo Motor Show to reveal a limited run of 400 units of an enhanced WRX STI Dubb...

Mazda Bringing New Sports Car To Tokyo Motor Show

Today Mazda has announced that it will display a new sports car concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Japan: Self-Driven Taxis To Ferry Athletes At 2020 Olympics

Two Japanese companies have set their sights on the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, with plans to have a fleet of robotic taxis up and running in time...

Honda S660 Sold Out, But Young Buyers Steering Clear

The first production run for Honda’s S660 sports car has sold out, with all 8600 units spoken for and the order book full until June next year.

Nissan To Boost Home-Grown Japanese Production: Ghosn

Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO, Carlos Ghosn, said the time is right for Nissan to boost production out of its home-country factories in Japan.

Subaru BRZ tS Limited Edition Revealed For Japan

Subaru customers in Japan can now order a new special edition of the BRZ sports car, the BRZ tS.

Victorian JDM Fans Get Their Japanese Number Plates

Victorian motorists have another new style of number plate to choose from, this time targeted at fans of Japanese cars.

Honda Jade RS: The 1.5 Turbo Mini-MPV We'll Never Get

Honda has launched a new flagship model for its Jade family of six-seater wagons with this week's arrival of the Jade RS in Japa...

Honda Shuttle Revealed: Japan-only Jazz Wagon

With parking spaces (and land in general) being at a premium in Japan, it's little wonder that the Japanese have an appetite for diminutive cars.

Autonomous Vehicles Could Increase Motion Sickness: Study

A study by the University Of Michigan has found that self-driven vehicles could lead to increased instances of motion sickness.

BMW i3 Now Available On Amazon In Japan

Amazon, that giant online commerce site that began as a book repository, is now selling brand new BMW i3 EVs to Japanese customers - direct, a...

Mazda MX-5 Production Begins In Japan

The first all-new Mazda MX-5 has rolled off the production line in Japan, and a customer in the local Japanese market will be the lucky first owner.

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