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RACV: Older Cars More Attractive To Thieves
Older Cars More Likely To Be Stolen: RACV Claims Figures

The sky is blue, grass is green and, according to insurer RACV, older cars are more likely to be stolen than newer mo...

Jul 20, 2010 (7 years ago)


Tesla Update - Model 3 | Superchargers | Insurance | New Zealand And More

SUN, 26 FEB, 2017

Production for Tesla’s highly-anticipated Model 3 could begin as early as July in a limited capacity, before the electric carmaker ramps up t...

Suncorp Blows The Whistle On Genuine Parts Prices

SUN, 18 DEC, 2016

In a submission to the ACCC’s ‘New Car Retailing Issues Paper’, Suncorp Insurance has called into question the prices charged by ...

CTP 'Green Slips' Under Review In New South Wales

WED, 16 MAR, 2016

The New South Wales State Government has put Compulsory Third Party (CTP) ‘green slip’ insurance under the microscope in a bid to arres...

Dash Cams: Victoria Police Warn Against ‘Vigilante’ Online Shaming

WED, 29 APR, 2015

Police have warned against the use of dashboard-mounted cameras for ‘vigilante’ behaviour, as the technical devices grow in popularity.

US Workshops Suing Insurers For Pushing Cheap Parts, Labour

THU, 19 FEB, 2015

Insurance companies in the US have been accused of pushing cheap and arguably dangerous repairs on damaged vehicles in order to keep costs down.

AAMI Finds Majority Of Young Drivers Distracted, Launches App

TUE, 23 DEC, 2014

Insurer AAMI has found the vast majority of young drivers report being distracted at some point while behind the wheel.

NSW: Fair Trading Vehicle Repair Reforms ‘Delayed’

FRI, 26 SEP, 2014

Changes to Fair Trading laws surrounding motor vehicle repair in New South Wales have been delayed, despite a committee recommending urgent action.

Grand Theft Australia: New Report Lists Our Most Stolen Cars In 2013

WED, 13 AUG, 2014

Insurance comparison company Comparethemarket has compiled a list of Australia’s most stolen cars last year, called ‘Grand Theft A...

Survey: Most Drivers Ready For Autonomous Cars, Many Not So Keen

TUE, 29 JUL, 2014

A survey in the US has found while drivers are ‘ready’ for self-driving cars, education and trust issues are still a concern for many.

Australian Motorists Paying $63 Billion Per Year In Running Costs: Bingle

MON, 9 JUN, 2014

Australian motorists are collectively paying $63 billion per year in running costs to keep their cars on the road, according to the 2014 Bingle Cos...



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