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Mitsubishi Moves Into Indonesia - Kia Moves Into India

SAT, 29 APR, 2017

A pair of Asia’s carmakers has this week announced they’ll be spreading their automotive wings with two new plants in two new markets.

Free Ride Ends For Diplomat Drivers In Canberra Due To Hundreds Of Unpaid Fines

SUN, 27 NOV, 2016

For anyone who’s ever driven around Canberra, it’s common knowledge that diplomats have a ‘get out of jail free’ card when ...

China Now The World’s Biggest Carmaker, Overtakes EU Production

TUE, 4 NOV, 2014

China has overtaken the European Union as the world’s biggest carmaker, having built around 18.2 million new passenger cars in 2013.  ...

Daihatsu Sends Eight Concepts To Indonesia Motor Show

WED, 25 SEP, 2013

Daihatsu may have exited Australia some time ago, but it's been keeping busy in other markets around the world, including Indonesia.

Datsun Returns As Nissan's New Player In Emerging Markets

WED, 21 MAR, 2012

Nissan has announced the return of its Datsun marque this week, putting an end to years of speculation, and it's brought a brand-new logo wi...

13 Year Old Rally Prodigy Steers Group N Impreza To Victory In Indonesian Series

MON, 18 MAY, 2009

When I was 13 I could barely complete the beginners circuit in Sega Rally, but for 13 year old Indonesian Sean Galael, the art of rallying seems t...



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