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2013 Chevrolet Impala Revealed

WED, 4 APR, 2012

Ford's Lincoln luxury marque isn't the only one getting a kick in the pants this week, with GM's reborn Impala giving the Chevrolet ...

New Chevrolet Impala Teased, New York Debut Confirmed

THU, 22 MAR, 2012

Once upon a time, back in the good ol' days, you could buy a brand-new Chevy Impala built in Australia. It was a different beast back th...

CAFE claims the VE Commodore based 2011 Impala

TUE, 3 JUN, 2008

It appears that Ford Australia is not the only colonial outpost of the big American manufacturers to be given the red light for developing future ...

CAFE kills next Monaro and GTO

MON, 21 JAN, 2008

At last weeks Detroit Auto Show, Bob Lutz put the kibosh on any chance of their being a Pontiac Sportwagon based on Holden’s upcoming VE Commodo...

Holdens Statesman range may be basis for 2010 Chevrolet Impala

SAT, 30 JUN, 2007

In the age of the internet you don’t have to endure too many days without word of a good rumour and we have come across a ripper.

GM to continue RWD platform development

MON, 7 MAY, 2007

Lutz pushes the 'on-again' button In a complete about face Bob Lutz is now saying that RWD is no longer ‘on-hold’.



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