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F1: Melbourne Councillors Support Grand Prix, Bahrain GP Could Return In 2011

WED, 23 FEB, 2011

Most Melbourne city councillors believe the Australian Grand Prix should stay. The annual event, which dates back to 1996, has attracted int...

F1: Bahrain Round Cancelled, Melbourne Confirmed As Season Opener

TUE, 22 FEB, 2011

Formula 1 organisers have called off the season's opening race at Bahrain, scheduled for March 13, after anti-government protests led the st...


2009 Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi Elite Road Test Review

WED, 18 MAR, 2009

Is Hyundai’s Santa Fe a sensible choice for the family with a yen for adventure? We put TMR’s ‘Mr Sensible’, Kez Casey, behind the wheel a...