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Recalls: Takata Airbag Program Rolls On, Also Colorado, Jimny And More

SAT, 25 JUL, 2015

The Takata airbag recall in Australia is in full swing, with Honda, Nissan, Lexus and Toyota all announcing further recalls in recent weeks.

Hummer Brand Cancelled, GM Confirms Upcoming Closure

THU, 8 APR, 2010

AFTER CONFIRMING in February that its deal with China's Sichuan Tengzhong had fallen through, GM announced that while it would entertai...

Hummer Sale Falls Through, GM To Close Brand Down

THU, 25 FEB, 2010

GENERAL MOTORS HAS announced today that it will close the doors on Hummer after Sichuan Tengzhong confirmed it had failed to win Chinese Governm...

Hummer H4, H5 To Come As New Owner Takes Over

WED, 18 NOV, 2009

WITH THE SALE of Hummer to China's Sichuan Tengzhong being finalised, Hummer has begun to look at ways to improve its 'eco-image'.

GM And Sichuan Tengzhong Reach Hummer Sale Agreement

MON, 12 OCT, 2009

DESPITE FEARS earlier this year that the Chinese Government would block the sale, General Motors and China's Sichuan Tengzhong have reached an agr...

Chinese Government May Scuttle Tengzhong's Hummer Bid

MON, 8 JUN, 2009

HUMMER'S SALE to Sichuan Tengzhong is mere months away from being finalised, however it appears there's now one heck of a hurdle for the two compa...

Hummer Expects Alternative-Fuel Model To Surface Within 5 Years

FRI, 5 JUN, 2009

CRISIS, AS THEY SAY, is the perfect catalyst for change.

Hummer's Chinese Buyer Revealed

WED, 3 JUN, 2009

LITTLE-KNOWN Chinese industrial machinery company Sichuan Tengzhong has emerged as GM's approved buyer for the Hummer brand.

Buyer Found For Hummer, Brand To Live On Outside Of GM Empire

TUE, 2 JUN, 2009

GENERAL MOTORS announced today that it has secured a buyer for its struggling Hummer brand, with the sale of the marque is expected to be complete...

Hummer H2 Production Takes A Break

THU, 29 JAN, 2009

Sometimes even pure four-wheeled testosterone needs some time off.


2008 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI Pacific Road Test Review - The Economy Run

TUE, 25 NOV, 2008

'Greener motoring' is the mantra of the modern automotive age.


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