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Ex-Highway Patrol Officer Turned MP Says ‘Speed Up’ On Victorian Highways, But QUT Says ‘Slow Down’ In Suburban Streets

WED, 14 SEP, 2016

Australia’s outdated speed laws are again under the microscope, with an ex-highway patrol officer from Victoria Police, now a member of parli...

Tesla Superchargers Now In Gundagai - Sydney To Melbourne Complete

FRI, 27 NOV, 2015

Tesla has declared the Sydney to Melbourne route along the Hume Highway complete, with the establishment of its latest Supercharging station in Gun...

Tesla Superchargers Launched In Goulburn And Wodonga

THU, 1 OCT, 2015

Tesla’s promise of a ‘highway’ of superchargers connecting Australia’s eastern capital cities has taken a major step forwar...

NSW And Northern Territory Look To Speedier Future

FRI, 4 SEP, 2015

The governments of New South Wales and the Northern Territory are both looking to increase speed limits on some of their major roads.

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Refuelling Station Unveiled In Sydney

THU, 2 APR, 2015

Hyundai has reinforced its commitment to a hydrogen-powered future, hosting a media unveiling for its ix35 Fuel Cell in Sydney this week.

Australia’s Worst Collision Hot Spots 2015: AAMI

MON, 30 MAR, 2015

Insurer AAMI has released its annual list of Australia’s worst collision hot-spots, showing improvement in some areas and several repeat offe...

Hyundai ix35 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Vehicle Arrives In Australia

WED, 10 DEC, 2014

A Hyundai ix35 powered by hydrogen fuel cells has landed in Australia, and the Korean carmaker says it’s here to stay.

NSW Considering 120km/h Speed Limits On Some Highways

TUE, 12 AUG, 2014

The New South Wales Government is considering a 120km/h speed limit on some major freeways, which would bring the state into line with much of the ...

Australia’s Worst Collision Hot Spots 2014: AAMI

WED, 22 JAN, 2014

AAMI has released data on the worst collision hot spots Australia’s capital cities, with results that will surprise few motorists familiar wi...

Hume Highway Duplication Complete: Sydney To Melbourne

THU, 27 JUN, 2013

It took 50 years and created jobs for around 130,000 people, but Australia’s most important highway – the Hume, highway number 31 &ndas...



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