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HSV Builds Its Last W427, Number 137

TUE, 28 JUL, 2009

IN EARLY APRIL, Holden Special Vehicles advised that enthusiasts and collectors eager to get their hands on a future classic would need to pull ou...

HSV W427 Orders Close April 28

FRI, 17 APR, 2009

If you're one of the moneyed-up few who've got little compunction about paying AU$155,500 for HSV's self-proclaimed 'Aussie Supercar', the W427, t...

HSV W427 And R8 Tourer: 2008 Sydney Motor Show

THU, 9 OCT, 2008

Having thrown its unveiling punch at the Melbourne Motor Show earlier this year (the W427), HSV's Sydney stand was a little lower key than we are ...

HSV W427 Now on Sale

WED, 23 JUL, 2008

Holden Special Vehicles has today officially unveiled its 375Kw 7.0-litre W427 and at the same time announced that this year’s manufacturing run...

HSV W427 Official Details Released

SAT, 21 JUN, 2008

When the covers first came off the HSV W427 at this years Melbourne Motor Show, the limelight was stolen by Holden’s Coupe 60 concept.

HSV W427 tipped to feature in Vauxhall lineup

THU, 10 APR, 2008

Autoexpress are reporting that HSV’s W427 will be heading to the UK, where it will become the high-priced headline act alternative to the VXR8.

HSV W427 the low down

WED, 5 MAR, 2008

Holden Special Vehicles unveiled their new W427 at the Melbourne Motor Show last Friday, the car they claim is the final instalment in the company...

HSV W427 - the LS7 is in town!

FRI, 29 FEB, 2008

Once again Holden and HSV have trumped the opposition at the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show.