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Queensland: 107 Drivers Caught Unlicensed Every Day

FRI, 14 MAR, 2014

On average, 107 Queensland motorists were caught driving without a licence every day since November last year, according to figures revealed t...

Victoria Police Take The Keys On Over 1000 Hoon Cars

WED, 12 OCT, 2011

The numbers are out: Victoria's police force has locked up more than 1000 vehicles in the first three months of the state's tough new ho...

Victoria Getting Tougher On First-Time Hoons

MON, 11 OCT, 2010

The Victorian Government has announced tough new changes to the state's 'hoon' laws this week, giving police the option to immediate...

WA Hoon Laws Tough On Car Owners, But Revisions On The Way

WED, 10 FEB, 2010

A MINI DEALER in Perth has had one of its cars impounded for 28 days after a customer took it 70km/h past the speed limit.

Victoria Police Warns Hoons Could Lose Cars For Three Months

MON, 29 JUN, 2009

VICTORIA POLICE MINISTER Bob Cameron has warned today that drivers caught speeding more than 70km/h over the limit could lose their cars immediate...