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Vic: Police To Clamp-lock Hoon Cars In Driveways

The cars of Victorian hoons may soon become little more than lawn ornaments, thanks to a new cost-cutting Police trial.

Victorian Pursuit Hoons Face 3-year Jail Term Under New Law

Hoons leading police on high-speed chases in Victoria will soon risk a three-year jail sentence, Police and Emergency Services Minister Peter Ry...

Victoria Police Take The Keys On Over 1000 Hoon Cars

The numbers are out: Victoria's police force has locked up more than 1000 vehicles in the first three months of the state's tough new ho...

Victoria's New Hoon Laws In Effect From Tomorrow

Whether you're a local or a roadtripping outerstater, if you're heading to this week's Australian International Motor Show in Melbou...

Victorian Hoons To Lose Vehicle For 30 Days

Victoria's tough anti-hoon laws are about to get tougher, with the state's Coalition Government announcing this week that it will extend...

Victoria Police Crush First Vehicle Under Hoon Laws; Even Tougher Legislation Proposed

Victoria Police has announced this week that it is putting into action the latest phase of the state's 'anti-hoon' legislation, whic...

Vic: Operation Pipedown Nabs More Than 1300 Noisy Hoons

A JOINT operation between Victoria Police and the Environment Protection Agency has seen 1369 EPA notices issued to drivers and riders of excess...

Victoria Police Impound 22 Vehicles In Overnight Hoon Blitz

VICTORIA POLICE HAVE impounded 22 vehicles after an overnight blitz on 'hoon' activities in Campbellfield last night.

Victorian Anti-Hoon Laws See Police Impound 10,000 Vehicles

VICTORIA POLICE confirmed this week that 10,000 vehicles have been impounded since the State introduced 'anti-hoon' laws almost fou...

WA Hoon Laws Tough On Car Owners, But Revisions On The Way

A MINI DEALER in Perth has had one of its cars impounded for 28 days after a customer took it 70km/h past the speed limit.

20 Year-Old Posts Video Of Hoonage On Facebook, Loses Second Car To The Law

A 20 YEAR-OLD Castlemaine man has become the first person to lose not one, but two cars to Victoria's tough new anti-hoon laws. Earlier this year ...

Victorian Speeding Fine Revenue Set To Top $500m, Hoons Now Prime Targets

Victorian Police will target speeders and hoons more aggressively, with the Victorian Government announcing yesterday in the 2009 State Budget that...

Maserati Celebrates FIA GT Win - With Doughnuts

Victory burnouts.

Top Gear UK Is Back On British TV – Season 12

This Sunday just gone (UK time) saw the return of the one true Top Gear to British television sets, and to computer screens of net-savvy fans arou...

Return of the Japanese Sports Coupe Renaissance

A few weeks ago I waxed nostalgic about the 90s Japanese Renaissance.

Dob in a hoon - Victorian government slaps on another bandaid

Is Victoria the hoon capital of Australia? Anti-hoon legislation was introduced in Victoria in July 2006 which allows Police to confiscate (usuall...

2008 FG FPV Images And Currently Known Details

Pictures of FPV's new FG are a little thin on the ground at the moment, so we have to give credit where credit is due here.

2008 FG Falcon revealed

Official information on Ford’s new for 2008 Falcon is here.

Cadillac Provoq hydrogen fuel cell concept debuts in Vegas

During 2007, GM introduced the Chevrolet Volt and Opel Flextreme, both based on their E-Flex architecture and this time around its Cadillac’s tu...

2008 Ford Falcon Orion update

The most important Australian new car release in 2008 will be the Ford Falcon, codenamed Orion.