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BMW Hommage Inspired Supercar Rumours Put To Rest

MON, 19 DEC, 2011

There won’t be an exclusive ‘high-end’ supercar at your local BMW dealer, at least not for the foreseeable future. Persist...

2009 Melbourne International Motor Show To Feature BMW M1 Homage

MON, 5 JAN, 2009

At last, a good news tale revolving around a motor show and starring a car manufacturer that is coming, rather than going: something unheard of in...

BMW Says "Nein" to R8 Competitor

TUE, 26 AUG, 2008

Rumblings from a BMW board member have put the brakes on any hopes Beemer fans may have had of seeing a productionised version of the striking M1 ...

BMW GINA Light Visionary - the what?

FRI, 6 JUN, 2008

Earlier this year BMW revealed their Hommage concept, an M1 influenced supercar concept, a supposed one-off that was built to celebrate the 30th...

BMW M1 To Enter Production

WED, 28 MAY, 2008

According to the folks at CAR magazine, BMW's M1 Hommage concept is heading for production - although don't expect it to carry the M1 moniker. CAR...

BMW Hommage M1 concept videos

WED, 30 APR, 2008

BMW have released some official footage of their Hommage concept car.

2008 BMW Hommage concept car - tribute to the M1

MON, 28 APR, 2008

Official pics of the BMW Hommage concept are in.

BMW M1 Concept a stunner - first pictures

SUN, 27 APR, 2008

Like an unexpected birthday gift come the first images of BMW’s new M1 Concept, paying homage to the original late 70’s/80’s M1 classic.

FPV GT - Generic Brand Bad Boy

MON, 26 MAR, 2007

THERE WAS A TIME when Black and Gold was synomynous with the bland-tasting econo-brand generic food in the black and gold packaging on Australian s...