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Ferrari 599 HGTE Package Now Available In Australia

TUE, 22 SEP, 2009

FERRARI HAS ANNOUNCED that its performance-enhancing HGTE package for the 599 GTB Fiorano is now available in Australia. The 'Handling G...

Michael Schumacher Jumps Behind The Wheel Of Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE

SAT, 13 JUN, 2009

WHAT HAPPENS when you put one of Ferrari’s hottest new models on the track with one of Ferrari’s legendary F1 drivers behind the wheel? Ferrar...

Ferrari To Unveil Two New 599 Variants At Geneva

TUE, 3 MAR, 2009

We previously brought you news about the Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE last month, but now we finally have a picture of the car. However, it turns out that...

Ferrari To Introduce The 599 HGTE At The Geneva Motor Show

TUE, 10 FEB, 2009

Everyone loves hot models.



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