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Fisker Teases New Sports Car

TUE, 25 OCT, 2016

Another chapter in the confusing saga of Fisker vehicles, now Fisker Inc, is imminent with the sports car shown in these teaser images set to be un...

Henrik Fisker To Return To Premium EV Market With Fisker Inc.

WED, 5 OCT, 2016

The name Henrik Fisker may not be a household name just yet, but that’s not for lack of trying.

Aston Martin Commences Legal Action Over Thunderbolt Prototype

SUN, 29 MAR, 2015

Almost as soon as Henrik Fisker’s ‘comeback’ car was unveiled at the Concours d'Elegance in Florida, Aston Martin has filed a...

Henrik Fisker Reveals Aston-based ‘Thunderbolt’ Supercar

SUN, 15 MAR, 2015

Henrik Fisker, the former Aston Martin designer who went on to launch his own ultimately unsuccessful Fisker brand, is back in the design game.

Henrik Fisker Leaves Fisker Automotive

FRI, 15 MAR, 2013

Henrik Fisker has left the Fisker Automotive company this week, citing “several major disagreements” with management over company st...

Eco-Friendly Fisker Receives Cash Boost

TUE, 14 APR, 2009

Boutique automaker Fisker has defied the global financial crisis to secure funding for the development of its electric sedan and convertible. Whil...



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