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Mazda Outlines Future Plans Including Petrol Compression Ignition, EVs And Autonomous Driving

WED, 9 AUG, 2017

Mazda has revealed its Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 report, outlining the brand’s major major long-term goals with a concentrated focus on redu...

Mazda Planning “Near Future” Introduction Of Ultra-Efficient Sparkless Petrol Engines

MON, 7 AUG, 2017

Mazda sees a future for the petrol engine, in the near to mid-term at least, and is preparing to take the next step in low-emissions petrol develop...

General Motors Developing Compression-Ignition Petrol Engine

WED, 27 MAY, 2009

COMPRESSION IGNITION is, by convention, strictly the domain of diesels.