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Gumpert Bankrupt: Report

Gumpert, the German manufacturer of the Apollo supercar, is reportedly bankrupt once more.

Gumpert Tornante Previewed In Trademark Renderings

A possible production version of Gumpert’s Tornante By Touring concept has been previewed this week, courtesy of trademark renderings file...

Supercarmaker Gumpert Confirms Insolvency And Plans For Re-organisation

  German supercar manufacturer Gumpert has filed for insolvency protection after a gamble on the Chinese market failed to pay off.

Gumpert Teases New Supercar Ahead Of 2012 Geneva Motor Show

German supercarmaker Gumpert has released a single teaser image for an all-new model that it will reveal at March's Geneva Motor Show. T...

Gumpert Apollo Speed To Debut At Geneva

While it may not be the most well-known name in performance motoring, German sportscar builder Gumpert is doing its best to give the more est...

Gumpert Apollo Grabs 1st on Top Gear Test Track

The visuals might not appeal to everyone but there's no doubting the phenomenal performance of the Gumpert Apollo.

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