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Roewe Defines New Design Direction With Vision-R Concept

FRI, 27 NOV, 2015

Chinese automaker Roewe, a part of the larger SAIC group, has used the Guangzhou Motor Show to unveil its new design direction, represented in the ...

DS Automobiles Reveals China-Only DS 4S Small Hatch

WED, 25 NOV, 2015

Continuing its journey as a prestige automaker, Citroen’s DS Automobiles brand has revealed its newest entrant into the Chinese market.

Qoros 5 SUV Unveiled at Guangzhou Motor Show

WED, 25 NOV, 2015

Chinese automaker Qoros has pulled the covers of it’s first medium SUV, the Qoros 5, at this year’s Guangzhou Motor Show in China.

Hyundai's Shouwang BHCD-1 Concept Debuts In China

MON, 28 NOV, 2011

Back in 2002, Hyundai teamed with China's Beijing Automotive (BAIC) to form the Beijing Hyundai Motor Company which then established three p...



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