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Buyer Beware - $135K Ford Falcon GTHO Turns Out To Be $25k Replica

WED, 2 NOV, 2016

A pair of Ford enthusiasts have learned that a 1970 Ford XW Falcon GTHO believed to be the real deal is, in reality, a replica.

FPV Boss: “GTHO Is A Dream Of Mine… But Off The Table”

WED, 26 AUG, 2009

IN A FRANK EXCHANGE yesterday, FPV Boss Rod Barrett said that the possibility of FPV producing a GTHO was “so far from reality, it’s off the t...

A Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase 3 We Can All Afford

WED, 29 APR, 2009

While you might be able to find the funds, you need to be a serious enthusiast to justify the spend on an XY GTHO Phase 3...