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Uber Drivers Warned To Expect ABN, GST Registration Demands

WED, 20 MAY, 2015

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has warned operators of the ride-sharing service Uber to expect a knock at the door should they attempt to avoid pa...

Federal Government: Small Business The Big Budget Winners

WED, 13 MAY, 2015

Small business operators in Australia are among the big winners from the 2015/16 Federal Budget handed down by Treasurer Joe Hockey last night.

Nissan Leaf Is Norway’s Top Seller For October, EVs Still Struggling In Oz

WED, 6 NOV, 2013

Nissan’s Leaf hatch has topped the sales charts in Norway, becoming the first electric vehicle (EV) to do so.

Sometimes It's Easier To Just Chuckle

WED, 9 JUL, 2008

With fuel prices the way they are lately, and no sign of any change for the better on the horizon, many of us car enthusiasts—or just me, at the...

The Fourth Annual Shannons Classic Australian Car Show

TUE, 24 JUN, 2008

If you are a purveyor of Aussie classic cars then the place to be come July 20 is Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse where the fourth annual Shan...

JDM Minivan Onslaught Continues Unabated

FRI, 9 MAY, 2008

Mazda announced a new minivan for the JDM market today, called the Biante.

Porsche vs London Mayor Part 3

FRI, 22 FEB, 2008

When it comes to cars in Australia, we put up with the short-sited revenue raising decisions of our politicians and there is narry a whisper from us.

Ford V8 Supercars' Melodic Exhaust Note

FRI, 22 FEB, 2008

This is one for the Australian patriots amongst us.

Londons Mayor returns fire in petrol-guzzler tax war

THU, 21 FEB, 2008

Yesterday we reported on the $AUD46 fee that London Mayor Ken Livingstone intends slapping on drivers of ‘petrol guzzlers’ that enter London city.

London Mayor to tax fuel-guzzlers - Porsche not happy

WED, 20 FEB, 2008

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has decreed that a daily tax equivalent to around $AUD46 will be levied against all fuel-guzzling vehicles en...




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