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Bolwell Denied Green Car Funds For Electric Sports Car Project

WED, 14 OCT, 2009

THE BOLWELL CAR COMPANY, makers of the mid-engined Bolwell Nagari sports car, has criticised the Federal Government for denying its request for a ...

FCAI Slams Claims That Holden In Danger Of 'Going Under'

THU, 19 MAR, 2009

Australia’s Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has launched a scathing retaliation against claims that taxpayer subsidies could fail to sa...

European Carmakers Seek Handout For Green Car Development

WED, 26 NOV, 2008

It seems that it's not just the US automotive giants that are doing it tough: European automakers are reportedly going cap in hand to the European...

Ford Australia's Geelong Engine Plant To Stay

THU, 20 NOV, 2008

Ford Australia has announced today its Geelong Engine Plant, which currently produces Ford Australia’s brilliant in-line six-cylinder engine is ...