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Gordon Murray Designed Flat Pack Truck Revealed For Emerging Markets

WED, 7 SEP, 2016

What do Formula 1 racecars and Ikea furniture have in common? Well nothing actually, however in this instance former Formula 1 engineer Gordon Murr...

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Debuts As Low-Fat Supercar - Tokyo Motor Show

THU, 29 OCT, 2015

Although it isn’t the first collaboration between motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha, and F1 designer Gordon Murray, Yamaha’s Tokyo Motor S...

Yamaha Sports Car Concept For Tokyo

SUN, 18 OCT, 2015

McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray is believed to be behind the design of a new sports car concept by Yamaha.

TVR Opens Order Book On Comeback Model, Customers Lining Up

THU, 2 JUL, 2015

TVR’s first comeback model has attracted more attention than the carmaker was prepared for, but TVR says it’s now ready to put nam...

TVR Reveals New Supercar

WED, 3 JUN, 2015

TVR is back.

Gordon Murray's T.25 City Car To Be Reborn In New Concept

FRI, 10 APR, 2015

Designer Gordon Murray has teamed up with Shell and ex-Formula 1 engineer Osamu Goto to develop a new concept, based on Murray’s T.25 city car.

Yamaha Motiv.e City Car To Launch In Europe By 2019: Report

MON, 2 MAR, 2015

Yamaha’s tiny Motiv.e city car, penned by McLaren F1 supercar designer Gordon Murray, could hit the European market before the end of the decade.

Gordon Murray Reveals Interior Layout Of T.25 Microcar

FRI, 4 SEP, 2009

GORDON MURRAY, creator of the highly revered McLaren F1 supercar, has revealed the seating layout of the upcoming T.25 commuter car currently bein...

Gordon Murray Design T.25 City Car Design Completed

THU, 12 MAR, 2009

The T.25 city car by Gordon Murray Design - the designer of the lauded McLaren F1 - has for a while now been a hotly anticipated project by folks ...

New Lightweight Supercar coming from Gordon Murray

TUE, 12 AUG, 2008

If you've heard of the McLaren F1 or the Caparo T1, and who hasn't, then you'll have seen Gordon Murray's handiwork before.



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