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Volvo Google Android Partnership For Next-Gen Connected Cars

Volvo has announced a partnership with tech giant Google to push better connectivity with Google’s Android brand.

Hyundai Brings Google Assistant To Cars At CES

Hyundai has taken another step towards seamless integration between home and car at the Consumer Electronics Show in the US, demonstrating the voic...

Honda And Waymo Open Discussions On Autonomous Vehicle Partnership

The first trial vehicles for Google’s Waymo self-driving vehicle trial may have come from the workshops of Fiat Chrysler, but now Honda has a...

Google’s Waymo and Chrysler Roll Out Autonomous Trial Vans

Google’s vision of an autonomous future has a new name Waymo. And as part of the spin-off the company has rolled out the first...

“Berlin, We Have Liftoff” - Audi Lunar Quattro Program Steps Up Ahead Of 2017 Launch

Audi’s famous ‘four-ring’ logo should be motoring across the moon late next year as part of the Berlin-based team competing in th...

Mobile Phones To Be Primary Car-Buying Tool Of The Future: Google

The smartphone will not only burrow its way further into your car’s infotainment system in the coming years, but is already on a trajectory t...

Google and Fiat Chrysler Team Up On Autonomous Research

While online giant Google has made a significant investment into autonomous vehicle research, automaker Fiat Chrysler is yet to do the same.

Ford And Google - New Partnership Could See Autonomous Models Fast-tracked

Rumours of a partnership between Ford and Google are getting louder, with the hot tip pointing to an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show.

GM And Google To Team Up On Autonomous Cars?

General Motors and Google may be about to throw their combined might behind a partnership to develop self-driven cars, as the technology enters a n...

Google Appoints Ex-Hyundai US Boss To Head Autonomous Car Program

Google has taken another step toward becoming a fully-fledged carmaker in its own right, with the appointment of John Krafcik to head its autonomou...

Audi Lunar Quattro Set For Space Launch In 2017

Audi has thrown its support behind a German team competing in Google’s Lunar XPRIZE challenge, with plans to assist in building a lunar rover.

Google's Own Self-Driving Cars To Test On Public Roads: Video

Google’s koala-faced self-driving car is about to venture onto public streets in the US to undergo testing.

Google's Self-Driving Cars Caught In 11 Prangs, But It's All Part Of The Process

The inevitable, some might say, has happened: Google’s self-driving cars have bent a fender or two while testing on public roads.

Fiat Chrysler Boss Open To Merger With Google Or Apple

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO Sergio Marchionne is reportedly open to a merger or partnership with one of the world’s recognised tech l...

Google Nearly Bought Tesla Before Model S Turned It All Around, Book Claims

The year was 2013, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk sought to do what Tesla fans might consider a most unusual step; sell the carmaker to Google and work fo...

Google Approaching Industry Heavyweights To Fast-track Self-driving Car

Google wants to fast-track its self-driven car and is chasing partners among the top global carmakers and parts suppliers to do it.

Google Glass: A New Weapon For Sydney Parking Inspectors

Parking inspectors around Australia could soon have a new weapon to monitor those who overstay their welcome.

The Week That Was: Lexus GS And LS, EV Survey, Tesla Melbourne Store

Lexus announced a 2015 upgrade for its GS and LS ranges this week, bringing more standard safety and infotainment gear along with a stiffer structu...

Google Unveils Road-Ready Self-Driving Car

It may resemble a stunned koala, but according to web search giant Google this is what the car of the future could look like.

Google Looking Beyond Android Auto With New On-Board OS: Report

Google has only this year unveiled its new Android Auto infotainment platform, but already the tech giant is understood to be preparing an even mor...

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