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Volkswagen GTI-R On The Way?

MON, 2 FEB, 2009

Back in September last year, we talked about the rumours of a diesel version of the upcoming MkVI GTI, and the R42: a four-cylinder turbo, all-whe...

2008 Volkswagen Passat R36 Sedan And Wagon

SAT, 16 AUG, 2008

Volkswagen has announced the latest addition to its R series model line up – the Passat R36.

Sydney Motor Show picture gallery

FRI, 12 OCT, 2007

Wrapping up our coverage of the Sydney Motor Show is a picture gallery of the cars and brands we haven't covered individually - we've covered the ...

Toyota Blade Master G - Golf R32 challenger

FRI, 3 AUG, 2007

In response to claims that Japanese motoring giant Toyota are creating unexciting cars following the axing of the Supra, Celica and the more recent...

Ford Focus RS on again

SUN, 1 JUL, 2007

The on again off again Ford Focus RS is well…on again.

TRD Aurion update

FRI, 27 APR, 2007

TRD Aurion - Losing its As already reported on this site, Toyota and their performance car division TRD have made it clear that it is not...

TRD Aurion

THU, 19 APR, 2007

Whatever you do...don't mention the FWD It seems that Toyota are planning on pitching their upcoming TRD Aurion to the likes of Subaru and Volkswag...

Subaru WRX 08 - Updated pre-release photos

SUN, 1 APR, 2007

Some improved photos of the soon to be released 08 Subaru WRX. The front of the WRX has been NQR for a while now.