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Opel Ampera Sets Out To Shock The Rally World

TUE, 20 MAR, 2012

GM is gearing up to tackle the 2012 Rally Monte Carlo with an unlikely contender: the Opel Ampera, sold in the US as the Chevrolet Volt and comi...

Holden's Upcoming Volt Is Europe's 2012 Car Of The Year

TUE, 6 MAR, 2012

Holden's upcoming Volt launch has been given a  vote of confidence this week, with the car's Opel-badged Ampera and its Chevro...

GM Already Working On Second And Third Generation Volt

FRI, 20 MAR, 2009

The first version is still yet to go on sale, but engineers at General Motors are already hard at work developing the second and third generations...

US Government Automotive Task Force To Arrive In Detroit Today

TUE, 10 MAR, 2009

After having spent an undoubtedly gruelling two weeks with President Obama's automotive task force - most of it, most certainly, on 'the rack...

Chevy Volt Battery Packs To Be Assembled By GM

TUE, 13 JAN, 2009

Chevrolet's long awaited Volt electric vehicle has until now, been without a confirmed battery supplier.



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