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Opel GT Coupe Could Lead To A Holden Attack On The Audi TT

MON, 5 OCT, 2015

With a five-door hatch and wagon already shown, there’s still more to come from the Opel Astra, which will wear Holden badges when it arrives...

GM Europe Becomes Opel Group, Ampera EV May Go As Budget Brand Comes

WED, 23 JUL, 2014

General Motors has renamed and restructured its GM Europe business, announcing the new Opel Group this week.

Saab Saved: GM And Spyker Reach Agreement

WED, 27 JAN, 2010

FOLLOWING REPORTS earlier this week that a deal was in sight, GM has announced today that it has reached a binding agreement with niche sports car...

GM And Spyker Nearing Agreement On Saab Sale: Report

MON, 25 JAN, 2010

NOW WELL PAST the January 7 deadline for potential buyers to enter final bids, GM and niche sports carmaker Spyker are reportedly nearing a d...

Saab Sale Unlikely, GM Boss Says

THU, 7 JAN, 2010

WITH THE FINAL DEADLINE for intending buyers to submit a bid for Saab mere hours away, GM CEO Ed Whitacre has said today that a sale seems un...

Saab 9-5 Production Back On Schedule, GM Extends Sale Deadline: Report

THU, 31 DEC, 2009

DESPITE BEING ON THE VERGE of death earlier this month, the Saab saga is still far from resolved.

Saab Workers Promised Aid By Swedish Govt, Spyker-GM Negotiations Fall Down

SUN, 27 DEC, 2009

DESPITE A RENEWED OFFER by Dutch supercar maker Spyker, GM is reportedly pushing ahead with plans to shut down Saab. Meanwhile, the Swedish Govern...

Saab To Close, GM Wields The Axe After Negotiations With Spyker Collapse

SAT, 19 DEC, 2009

SAAB, THE ONCE ICONIC Swedish brand of daring aeroplane-inspired turbo cars, is headed for oblivion.

Saab Sale Unravels As Koenigsegg Withdraws

WED, 25 NOV, 2009

LEAVING THE SWEDISH luxury carmaker facing closure, the Koenigsegg Group has pulled out of negotiations to buy Saab from General Motors. After sig...

GM Board Decides To Keep Opel/Vauxhall, Calls Off Negotiations

WED, 4 NOV, 2009

GENERAL MOTORS has decided to keep its European Opel brand, following improved business conditions in Europe and the first US sales gain for GM in...