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Ford And Vauxhall To Raise UK Pricing

WED, 4 FEB, 2009

At a time when vehicle sales are in decline like never before, the last thing any company would contemplate is raising prices.

Fiat Seeking Financial Aid To Prevent 60,000 Job Cuts

FRI, 30 JAN, 2009

Fiat has joined the list of auto-makers seeking tax-payer funded financial assistance.

Bentley Plans Seven-Week Production Shut-down

TUE, 27 JAN, 2009

In the current mess, the old adage that the ‘rich get richer’ may not now be quite so accurate.

Harley-Davidson Announces Production Cuts And Plant Closures

SAT, 24 JAN, 2009

The tail-end of 2008 was a tough year for stock brokers, bankers and financiers, with most taking a comprehensive fiscal pounding.