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General Motors Receives Another $US2bn In Loans

MON, 27 APR, 2009

Automaker General Motors has received another $US2 billion in government loans from the US Treasury to help sustain it as it continues battling fo...

General Motors' Future In "Substantial Doubt"

FRI, 6 MAR, 2009

With whispers of General Motors’ possible bankruptcy growing louder each day, auditors to the firm have released a report claiming there is...

Aston Martin Ownership-Slice Up For Grabs

THU, 5 MAR, 2009

Have you noticed the ‘For Sale’ signs popping up around the neighbourhood? Automakers everywhere are standing on street corners, peddling thei...

Nissan Announces 20,000 Job Losses

TUE, 10 FEB, 2009

With no sign of slowing down, the global automotive sales slump continues to claim scalps.

Fiat Seeking Financial Aid To Prevent 60,000 Job Cuts

FRI, 30 JAN, 2009

Fiat has joined the list of auto-makers seeking tax-payer funded financial assistance.

Bentley Plans Seven-Week Production Shut-down

TUE, 27 JAN, 2009

In the current mess, the old adage that the ‘rich get richer’ may not now be quite so accurate.

Uh Oh: Toyobaru FR Coupe Delayed Beyond 2012?

WED, 24 DEC, 2008

The jointly-developed Toyota/Subaru RWD coupe is undoubtedly one of the more hotly-anticipated new releases on the horizon, but now it seems that ...

Toyota Forecasts First Loss In 71 Years While Honda Considers Moving Out Of Japan

TUE, 23 DEC, 2008

The global economic crisis is fairly ripping its way through the balance sheets of the world’s car manufacturers, with Toyota being the latest t...

New Cars Overflowing Storage Yards

TUE, 23 DEC, 2008

With new car sales on the slide in Australia, there is an ever-increasing number of cars with no place to call home.