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American Favourite Charms The World: Mustang Named World’s Best-Selling Sports Car

WED, 26 APR, 2017

The Ford Mustang has been declared the best-selling sports car of 2016 - not just in its home market of America, but across the globe.

Volkswagen Group Ousts Toyota To Be World’s Number One

WED, 1 FEB, 2017

Volkswagen Group delivered 10,312,400 new vehicles to customers last year, up by 3.8 per cent on 2015, to claim the honour of being the w...

Honda Hits The 100 Million Production Milestone

WED, 28 DEC, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, Honda ramped up celebrations to commemorate the production of its 100,000,000th (that’s 100 millionth) au...

Toyota Global Sales Rise, But Profits Slump 43 Percent

WED, 9 NOV, 2016

Toyota has announced a fall in global operating profits of 43 percent over the last financial quarter despite seeing a small 2.5 percent increase i...

Jaguar Land Rover To Maintain 'Britishness' Despite Globalisation Of The Brand

MON, 3 OCT, 2016

While Jaguar Land Rover has added new production facilities outside of the UK in an expanding global reach, the company maintains that it is, ...

Toyota Lowers Prius Sales Targets In Line With Falling Petrol Prices

THU, 10 DEC, 2015

While yet more car makers strive for a greener image, Toyota believes that demand for its new generation Prius may soften slightly given the f...

Minimum Safety Standards Must Be Adopted Worldwide: Global NCAP

WED, 11 MAR, 2015

The Global New Car Assessment Programme, made up of member bodies like the local ANCAP, has called for agreement on minimum safety standards i...

Volkswagen Edges Out GM In Global Sales For 2013, Second Only To Toyota

MON, 3 FEB, 2014

The Volkswagen Group has edged out General Motors to be the second-biggest vehicle manufacturer worldwide for 2013, second only to Toyota.

Ford Says Focus Badge Still On Top Of Global Sales

THU, 24 OCT, 2013

Ford has claimed victory for the first half of the 2013 calendar year, declaring that its small Focus model is still the world’s best-selling...

Audi Announces Strong Sales Growth, Anticipates Over 1m Sales For 2008

THU, 13 NOV, 2008

German automaker Audi has announced that sales for October reached 82,400 vehicles, a 7.2 percent increase over last year.



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