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Obama Preparing To Set Deadline For GM, Chrysler?

MON, 30 MAR, 2009

During an interview with US television show Political Capital With Al Hunt, US Treasury auto adviser Steve Rattner suggested that the talks betwee...

GM And Chrysler Turnaround Plans “Ambitious”, Could Need Even Larger Loans

MON, 23 MAR, 2009

General Motors and Chrysler could be in worse trouble than either company has let on, which, given the acknowledgement of both manufacturers that ...

GM Europe Presents 'Fact And Fiction' Website To Halt Vicious Rumours

WED, 18 MAR, 2009

Usually, at the first sign of trouble the rumour-mill goes into overdrive.

General Motors' Future In "Substantial Doubt"

FRI, 6 MAR, 2009

With whispers of General Motors’ possible bankruptcy growing louder each day, auditors to the firm have released a report claiming there is...

General Motors Planning To Cut US$800m From North American Advertising Budget

MON, 2 MAR, 2009

If Optimus Prime was looking to General Motors to fund his GM-heavy Autobot army in the upcoming Transformers sequel, he’s got another think com...