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G Power M6 Hurricane CS Becomes Fastest BMW in The World

FRI, 1 MAY, 2009

We're leading off with a rear-end image of G Power's M6 Hurricane CS because, when this thing is in motion, it's likely that's all you'll ever see...

G-Power Hurricane RS Seriously Upgrades BMW's M5

MON, 9 FEB, 2009

BMW tuning outfit G-Power has done the inconceivable and added more grunt to the M5 sedan.

G-Power M5 Hurricane RS Snares Four-Door Top Speed Record

TUE, 23 DEC, 2008

Not to be outdone by Brabus and its 365.69kph CLS-based Rocket, German tuning firm G-Power strapped a pair of superchargers to an E60 BMW M5...



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