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Falcon Or Taurus? Nothing New In Mulally's Words

WED, 13 JAN, 2010

INTERESTING THAT some print and electronic media got into a new lather yesterday over the future of the Falcon.

Ford's RWD Programs Are Dead - Falcon Stranded?

TUE, 13 JAN, 2009

While most of us enjoy being right, we would be more than happy for our recent 'crystal balling' of our local Falcon's fate to be well wide of the...

2010 Ford Taurus Officially Unveiled - Could This Be The Next Falcon?

SUN, 11 JAN, 2009

Ford has today unveiled its 2010 Taurus full-size sedan and it seems appropriate to take a closer look.

Ford Falcons Of The Future To Go Front Wheel Drive?

THU, 25 SEP, 2008

The big—and no doubt depressing—news for Aussie Ford fans lately has been the talk of future Falcons moving to a Front Wheel Drive platform.

Sun Is Setting On Falcon And Territory

THU, 28 AUG, 2008

THERE ARE THREE signs - shining like beacons and all pointing one way - that Ford Australia is at a crossroads. First sign: the surprise resignati...

Gasp! Ford Falcon May Go FWD?

WED, 27 AUG, 2008

Ford fans across the nation must surely be giving each another some rather panicked looks right now.