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Subaru Confirms New Modular Platform, Business Strategy
Subaru Global Platform Confirmed, New 'Prominence 2020' Strategy Revealed

Subaru has revealed details of a new modular platform that will underpin future models beginning as early as 2016. Ac...

May 10, 2014 (3 years ago)
Mitsubishi Boss Confirms Electric Future

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation President Osamu Masuko today confirmed that Mitsubishi is setting a path to an electric fu...

Apr 10, 2014 (4 years ago)
Audi Sport Quattro Concept Gets LaserLight Show For CES 2014
Audi Sport Quattro LaserLight Concept Revealed At CES 2014

Seems LED lighting has become a little passé, with just about every car on the road offering one version or ...

Jan 2, 2014 (4 years ago)
Hyundai Sets New Sales Record In Australia: Changing Of The Guard?
Hyundai Sets New Sales Record In Australia, Santa Fe Sale In Sydney Brings Up Number 91,537 For 2013: Changing Of The Guard?

Hyundai has declared an ‘early start’ to its New Year celebrations, breaking its all-time yearly sales ...

Dec 20, 2013 (4 years ago)
Volvo Taking Autonomous Vehicle Programme To Public Roads
Volvo To Launch Autonomous Vehicle Test On Public Roads In Swedish City Of Gothenburg, Beginning 2014

Volvo will undertake a wide-scale test of its autonomous technology in 2014, with 100 of its self-driven cars taking to ...

Dec 3, 2013 (4 years ago)


Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Outlines Five-Year Plan

MON, 18 SEP, 2017

More platform-sharing, powertrain-sharing and across-the-board technology can be expected from Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan over the next fi...

Carmakers - Trust Us On Autonomous Cars

MON, 18 SEP, 2017

Germany's biggest carmakers have called for road users to trust them when it comes to the development of self-driving cars.

Volkswagen On Track To Launch Mark 8 Golf And I.D. EV Side-By-Side

SAT, 16 SEP, 2017

Volkswagen’s gargantuan engineering might will well and truly by put to the test with arguably the two most pivotal models for the brand set ...

Volkswagen To Keep Internal Combustion Tech Long Term, Despite EV Push

FRI, 15 SEP, 2017

The signal from Volkswagen’s Frankfurt Motor Show stand this year was clear - electric mobility is going to play a pivotal role in the German...

Ready To Go Autonomous? New Survey Poses The Question Again

TUE, 12 SEP, 2017

Victorian toll road operator, EastLink, is giving drivers another chance to state their preparedness or otherwise to the fast-approaching worl...

South Australia To Embrace Hydrogen Fuel

SAT, 9 SEP, 2017

South Australia is continuing its push to stay at the pointy end of the automotive industry as the day for local manufacturing come to an end.

JLR Next To Go Electric | Future-Type Concept Previews Driving In 2040

FRI, 8 SEP, 2017

Jaguar Land Rover is the next global carmaker to 'flick the switch', announcing that all new model from 2020 will feature at least some for...

Jaguar Sayer Concept - A Steering Wheel For 2040

MON, 4 SEP, 2017

Jaguar has combined the autonomous car with a removable steering wheel that acts in a similar way to a smartphone.

Formula 1 Set For Driverless Future - Kind Of

WED, 23 AUG, 2017

If the idea of a future completely devoid of human drivers has you on edge, you may want to sit down - the world’s premier motorsport categor...

Volkswagen EV-Push To Revive The Kombi

MON, 21 AUG, 2017

Admirers of Volkswagen’s iconic Kombi will be heartened to hear that the generation-defining Microbus is set to make a return by the end of 2...


2017 Mazda3 Skyactiv-X Prototype REVIEW - The Future Is... Petrol?

SUN, 10 SEP, 2017


Toyota i-Road Review: We Drive Toyota's Quirky Three-wheeler Concept

MON, 25 NOV, 2013

A vehicle that moves like a skiier, looks and leans like a motorcycle and is easy to drive as a conventional car is Toyota's vision for the fut...

2008 BMW 125i Coupe Road Test Review

THU, 6 NOV, 2008

Some things are just plain wrong.

Film Review: Death Race (Jason Statham)

MON, 3 NOV, 2008

Well chaps, yet another hour and a half of Jason Statham’s grimaces and steely-eyed stares have been visited upon us, this time in the form of P...


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