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0 Comments Oct, 07 2008 (9 years ago)
VACC Urges Proposed Petrol Commissioner To Abandon Fuelwatch
The Rudd government has received another broadside from the VACC, this time over its planned national Fuelwatch scheme. ...
8 Comments Jun, 18 2008 (9 years ago)
The Insider: Not saving the world - Part 1
Gee, talk about ?all shoulders to the wheel?. First it was the big announcement from the Rudd-bot about Fuelwatch which...
5 Comments May, 22 2008 (9 years ago)
Fuel Prices: Counting The Pennies, Counting The Days
Fuel prices. Yes, it?s an ugly conversation that all of us seem to be having at present, and with petrol breaking the $...

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