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Melbourne's Metro Freeway Help Phones Heading For Extinction

THU, 28 MAY, 2015

Like the once ubiquitous payphone, freeway ‘Help Phones’ in Victoria are now on the endangered species list.

Carmageddon: Melbourne Needs Northern Link Supertunnel

THU, 4 OCT, 2012

EDITORIAL | The proposed East West link, linking the Eastern Freeway to the Tullamarine and Western Ring Road, will only solve part of Melbour...

New Law Bans Trucks From Right-Hand Lane On Victorian Freeways

WED, 3 MAR, 2010

TRUCKS WILL BE banned from the right-hand lane on Victoria's multi-lane freeways in a new plan announced by Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pal...

Tokyo's Concrete Jungle Slowly Taking Over

THU, 22 MAY, 2008

That sounds quite ominous, doesn't it? Lengths of concrete reinforcement steel—"reo" in tradey speak—sneaking out and wrapping itself around t...

The Birth of a Quicker Trip to the Beach

THU, 17 APR, 2008

TMR's readers from Melbourne, Australia, might enjoy this one.  Eastlink is a freeway/tollway project that has been underway for some years n...

2009 Volkswagen Passat CC four door coupe

MON, 14 JAN, 2008

Another 2008 Detroit Auto Show debutant is Volkswagen’s Passat CC.



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