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Ferrari Four-Door Rendering Shows How It's Done

TUE, 30 SEP, 2008

It seems de rigueur these days for supercar manufacturers to develop their own four-door models.

2008 Ford Focus XR5 Turbo update on sale in June

FRI, 20 JUN, 2008

Ford’s updated LV Focus XR5 Turbo goes on sale this month spearheading the arrival of the rest of the updated LV Focus range.

Infiniti G37: The Best Car We Don't Get, Now AWD

THU, 19 JUN, 2008

Alright, that's not entirely true.  There's a veritable treasure trove of great cars exclusive to the Japanese and US markets that we don't g...

It's Official: Lexus LF-A To Contest Nurburgring 24hr Race

MON, 21 APR, 2008

The hottest news this week is now in.

Audi to proceed with twin-turbo V10 powered RS8?

WED, 2 APR, 2008

Remember the R8 prototypes running the RS6’s twin-turbo V10 and their eagerness to burst into flames and reduce the R8 to a burning pile of twis...



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