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Uh Oh: Toyobaru FR Coupe Delayed Beyond 2012?

WED, 24 DEC, 2008

The jointly-developed Toyota/Subaru RWD coupe is undoubtedly one of the more hotly-anticipated new releases on the horizon, but now it seems that ...

Toyota RWD Coupe Hits Development Troubles

TUE, 21 OCT, 2008

It's been a while since we've heard any updates on Toyota's upcoming low-cost RWD sports coupe, but now it seems that development of the much-vaun...

Sneak Peek: Nissan's FR Coupe

SAT, 7 JUN, 2008

Snapped at the recent GT 2012 event in Japan, the grainy, shadowy image above may be our first true look at the upcoming low-cost rear-wheel-drive...

Nissan to build new car in UK, possibly FR coupe?

THU, 5 JUN, 2008

Nissan have just made a rather cryptic announcement concerning the creation of a new vehicle that will be built at the company's Sunderland plant ...